Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Autoblinda Lince

The Autoblinda Lince was an Italian armoured car used by the Italians during WWII. The Lince was almost an exact copy of the British Dingo MK 1 and was used primarily for reconnaissance purposes. The Autoblinda Lince was 90% a copy of the Daimler Dingo Mk 1A, though the rear motor deck and the interior fittings (for instance the MG, which was a Breda in a ball mounted support) were different, the roadwheels had a different pattern too. The Germans also used this vehicle which they designated as PanzerspƤhwagen Lince 202(i).

RSI used only one Lince, in "Leonessa " Armoured Gruop of GNR (National Republican Guard). There are nor documents nor photos about its use by other RSI's units.

Lince was used mainly by the German in Italy, especially in the eastern board against Communist partisans.

After the war the ones that were left  over from the war were used by Italian Police. Two Lince still remain, two at Cecchignola Museum (in working condition) and another one in a military site in Lecce.


Place of Origin: Italy
Type: Armored Car
Crew: 2
Numbers Produced: 250
Armament: 1 x 8mm Breda M38
Armor (max.): 14mm
Speed (max.): 86 km/hr
Engine: 1 x SPA Abm 1
Length: 3.20 m
Width: 1.60 m
Height: 1.76 m
Weight: 3,110 kg 

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