Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bergepanzer Tiger (P)

Five Bergepanzer Tiger (P) armoured recovery vehicles were converted in Autumn 1943, using three from Tiger (P) prototypes and two more from battle-damaged Ferdinands not suitable for the Elefant modification. The conversion was completed in a similar manner to the Ferdinand self-propelled gun. The engines were mounted in the centre of the tank chassis, and a new superstructure was added at the rear. A ball-mount was provided for the sole armament, a 7.92mm MG34. Other than a small derrick crane, rams and timber beams, no special recovery equipment was fitted.

There were two main changes, the zimmerit and the remote controlled gun on top of the superstructure. The mudguards were changed as well, with added supports for them like for the Elefants. The cooling grids were modified, like for the Elefants.

So, we have at least two main variants that mirror the changes done for the Elefants.

But there were other differences, as the one allocated to the 1st Kompanie (and sent to Italy) had some unique features. It shared the longer front mudguard support with the Elefants of the same Kompanie, and had no holes for the driver’s visor, Also, the zimmerit pattern was differente at least on the front

Probably, this was the Bergetiger (p) depicted with lots of detail right after production, as it is clear that it has not the forementioned holes for the driver.

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