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Schwerer gelandegangiger gepanzerter Personenkraftwagen (Sd Kfz 247)

Heavy wheeled armoured personnel carrier

The Sd Kfz 247 was developed as an armoured staff car for commanders of reconnaissance detachments. Ten of an early Sd Kfz 247 series designed on a Krupp L2H143 6 x 4 chassis had been produced in 1937 and 1938. Although the weight was 5.2 tons it was slightly smaller all round. The Krupp M305 57PS motor gave a speed of 70km/hr and a range of 350km. 

The Sd Kfz 247 consisted of an armoured body mounted on a 4 x 4 heavy passenger car chassis. The engine was mounted in the front, with cooling air supplied through armoured louvres. No radio or armament was provided for the crew of six who rode in this open-topped vehicle. 

One issued to the commander of each Aufklarungs battalion of the Panzer and other motorized divisions.

Ausf. A
Krupp built ten Ausf. A models on the chassis of its L2H143 Protze 6 x 4 truck in 1937. Its 4-cylinder, 3.5-litre (210 cu in) Krupp M305 65 horsepower (66 PS), water-cooled gasoline engine gave it a top speed of 70 kilometres per hour (43 mph) and a range of 350 kilometres (220 mi). Like all of the other vehicles that used this chassis the Ausf. A had very limited cross-country mobility, drivers being advised to stay on roads and trails. It weighed 5.2 tonnes (5.1 long tons; 5.7 short tons), was 5.2 metres (17 ft) long, 1.96 metres (6.4 ft) wide and 1.7 metres (5.6 ft) tall.

Ausf. B
Daimler-Benz built 58 of these in 1941—42 on a 4 x 4 heavy car chassis (s.Pkw. Typ 1c). The front-mounted engine was an 8-cylinder, 3.823-litre (233.3 cu in) Horch 3.5 petrol engine, giving it a road speed of 80 kilometres per hour (50 mph). It had a maximum range of 400 kilometres (250 mi).

Weight: 4460kg
Crew: 6 men
Engine: Horch 3.5l / 8-cylinder / 75hp
Speed: Road: 80km/h
Cross-Country: –km/h
Range: Road: 400km
Cross-Country: —km
Fuel Capacity: — litres
Lenght: 5.00m
Width: 2.00m
Height: 1.80m
Armament: none
Ammo: none
Armor: 6-8mm

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