Sunday, March 22, 2015

Panzerkampfwagen II mit Schwimmkorper

Schwimmpanzer II with pontoon attachment points

The Schwimmpanzer II was developed as a result of requirements for the proposed invasion of England late in 1940. The firm of Gebr Sachsenberg in Roslau was responsible for the flotation devices which were attached to the sides and front of the Pz Kpfw II. Water propulsion was transferred from the drive sprocket, and the floats were attached on extensions to the track support rollers. Afloat, it was capable of 10km/hr. These tanks were used as normal Pz Kpfw II by the 18th Panzer Regiment which was formed in October 1940. They were used in action in the central sector of the Russian front from June 1941.

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