Sunday, March 22, 2015

Italian Half-Tracks

Semincingolato Breda Tipo 61

The Breda 61 was a license produced version of the German Krauss-Maffei KM m 11 half-track fitted with a right hand drive. It weighed 8 tons and was powered by a 140hp Breda gasoline engine.

"Corazzati Italiani 1939 - 45" by Benedetto Pafi and "Historic Military Vehicles Directory" by Bart Vanderveen, states that there was a study to use the Breda 61 half-track to take advantage of its cross country capabilities as a mobile anti-tank vehicle mounting either a 75/46 or 90/53 mm gun mounted on the rear deck. Part of the requirement was 360 degree traverse so it had the ability to shoot not only to the front but also from the sides and rear of the vehicle too.

Semicingolato Fiat 727

Fiat's 1941 venture into the world of half-tracks. After consulting with German firms it was decided to attempt this model. Fiat 727 Semicingolato developed in collaboration with the company Krauss Maffei but remained only a prototype.

A prototype half-track on the Alfa-Romeo chassis 800RE, developed by the Testing Centre DMV.

In the first half of 1942 and there had been negotiations between Italy and Germany for the licensing of that concerned both tanks both other (semi) tracked - patent Richter - artillery for tractors. In Italy it had come to the decision to convert rear drive to tracks for heavy trucks not necessarily to increase mobility, as would be logical to think, but to address the lack of tires. The Alfa Romeo turned its 800 RE while the Fiat designed their truck 666 NM. Both were never followed through.

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